AT&T smtp?


Jul 16, 2007
I finally got this to work. My ISP is roadrunner. Could not send from my roadrunner account via EDGE. Didn't want to switch back and forth. SO...

Opened a Gmail account. Went into settings and set the Gmail account to send as my roadrunner account as default. Had to wait for confirmation email from Gmail. Went into my iPhone mail settings for the roadrunner account. Left incoming mail server alone. Changed outgoing mail server to "" with username as "" (you have to include the and entered my password. In advanced, set outgoing uses SSL to ON with authentication as "Password". Now I can send from both EDGE and WiFi and the sent mail has my roadrunner address. Haven't tried to send yet from a WiFi other than my home.
I use this technique but use an alternate port for the SMTP server. ISPs often block the ability to use a different SMTP server while on their network by blocking the traditional SMTP port of 25. Even if your ISP doesn't block port 25 it doesn't mean you might always be connected to an ISP--via WiFi--that doesn't block it.

So instead using Gmail via port 25 I use its optional port choice of 587. In fact SMTP is about all I use Gmail for lately.

What I did on my iPhone is change outgoing mail server on all accounts to:
(Plus the SSL part mentioned above.)

I also set my normal email address so that the reply-to address is what I want, and not my Gmail address via Gmail's Web interface. This works but Outlook displays "Your Name[] on behalf of; Your Name []" on received mail which might suck if you have a strange Gmail address.

Seems to work fine, the only issue is the "on behalf of" thing.



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Nov 29, 2008
AT&T allows easy yahoo and gmail but not worldnet?

That's the problem. I'm looking for something that works WiFi AND edge. So I am guessing that AT&T does not have a smtp server for the iPhone? One that works no matter what Edge or WiFi.
Do I have this right, it's really easy to set up yahoo and gmail
and be notified at power-up when I have mail there, but AT&T
makes it difficult for access to AT&T's Worldnet?

i have as SMTP but that alone helps nothing.
Why AT&T why? Surely there's an answer if not a fix.
Why send people to other providers if you don't have to?
It's not a yahoo iPHone service, it's AT&T sigh


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Nov 29, 2008
Thanks for all the input. I broke down and opened a Gmail account. Looks pretty good and works great!:)
We shouldn't HAVE TO do this. I've had worldnet since it started
and now there are plenty of ideas about combinations of "smtp"
"cwmx" "att". My main email is still worldnet unless AT&T really
wants to drive longtime AT&T Worldnet users away.

"the SMTP server "" is not responding..."