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Jun 10, 2006
Long Island, NY
Please do not use these forums as a means to "self-promote". If we deem your post as "self-promotion", the posts will be immediately removed and your account will be banned. We do offer a review section here at EIP and welcome you to contact me directly about being placed into the review section. This will provide you with the exposure you are looking for and allow our members to write reviews based upon their experiences with your products.

Please do not view this as an indictment of all manufacturers. There have been a few bad eggs that believe in this type of unethical means. Just to be clear on the policy here at EIP, I'm going to sticky this thread.

If a member posts a question regarding your products, please feel free to respond and identify yourself as a representative of that company.

The goal of this (and any) forum is to bring people together and form a resource. By following the above guidelines, we can protect the integrity of this resource.

Thanks for your understanding.

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