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Aug 15, 2008
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ok so im a parts consultant for a GM dealership in NJ. Now there are a few ideas i have for apps if there is enough interest maybe we can get them developed. for the parts consultants/managers want about an "ADP-type" app for the iPhone, that allows you to tie into your inventory management system to allow for remote quote, invoice, and part number checking. for the tech, wouldn't it be nice to save some money and not have to buy every scan tool under the sun? what about an app that will be able to scan any car? eg GM has the tech-2 where as ford uses something entirely different. what about taking all the major 3 and foreign car companys' scan tools and making one that will work for all, the only thing you would have to get would be plugs. (i think designing a 30pin adapter that plugs right into your iPhone, and has the correct connector for the brand of vehicle you're working on) so the thousands of dollars goes down to a few hundred and you can work on anything. what do yall think?


Dec 15, 2007
Louisville, Ky.
You might want to post this here. You will get more like minded people that tend to hang out in this area.
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