Back :P


Jun 3, 2010
Borough Green, Kent, UK
I know I may very well get grief from this topic but I do not care!

I tried.. I really did. Trying to give up this forum was worse that quitting smoking.
(And To Tarek, Not smoked since my first post in the "Who wants to join me?" Thread :) )

Anyway, Apart from missing you guys more than I thought I would (Excluding Napoleon ;) )
I have decided to come back as I have everything sorted. I have sold my crappy ol' car and have bought myself a Motorbike :p It's only a 125cc but it does 130 miles to a £12 full tank. My insurance is £329.97 which works out at £30 a month roughly and I have a few promising job leads.

I also (as you know) got a lot of trouble from a certain VERY immature member. And I have been informed of that members departure from this forum. This was the main-ish reason I left for all that time haha

Oh I just noticed something at the top of the screen here "features discussion topics of non-iphone off topic stuff. No discussion of politics or religion allowed."

Good Call Chris :p

Anyway guys, I am back but I will not be on as regular as I used to be until I can secure a job and then I will come and chill with all you Fanboys/girls ;)

Just trollin' guys :)