Battery / Usage Meter Fix


New Member
Jul 5, 2007
I was having a problem with the usage meter not resetting and the green battery meter not showing green 100%. I would charge overnight (over 7 hours) and in the morning the plug in the small white battery would show, but the green meter would not be completely green, and the usage meter had reset sometime during the night, and would be showing different usage and standby times than prior to me plugging in the charger.

This is what I have been doing so the white battery shows the plug, the usage meter is reset to zeros, and the green batter meter is 100%. Before charging the phone, I switch the phone to airplane mode (this seems to elimiate the wireless part of the phone from picking up a signal during the charging period, which appears to causes the usage meter to kick in with usage). Second, in the morning the plug will show up in the white battery meter (meaning the battery is charged 100%), but the green battery meter will not show 100%, but just a sliver short of 100%. I unplug the charger, and slide phone to unlock. Check the usage and you will see the usage meter has been reset to zero. Put phone back into standby and plug in charger. In just a few seconds the green battery meter will move to 100& complete and the plug will show up again in the white battery meter. Everything now has been reset. I then unplug phone charger and take phone off of airplane mode and go a whole day of usage, phone, email, and internet browsing, with battery to spare.

This process has worked the past 5 days for me. Hopefully you will get the same results. I believe an update will solve having to go through this process, but until this, I have overcome not having my phone reset properly during charging.