BEWARE! K.O Gadget Glowing Apple Mod


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Dec 7, 2011
For those on here who were thinking about buying this mod I would advise to stay away. I recently bought my kit about 2 weeks ago as a pre-order and I received it in the mail yesterday and I can't even how disappointed I was in the quality. I mean for a $60 +shipping you at least expect some quality.

The Back Panel:
To start things off the glass used in this extremely thin and fragile. They claim this is tempered glass, but judging from some other reviews they crack with very little pressure. Once thing I love about my 4S is the fact it has the anti-smudge protection to reduce fingerprints and smudges. Well you can throw that out the window now because this leaves smear marks everywhere. Secondly the plastic frame that is glued to the glass is very not very sticky or applied well at all. As soon as I put the glass on the pressure pushed the glass up separating it from the plastic frame. I tried pushing it back down and the fact you can feel it moving just says it all. I wasn't even using any force at all and when I was pushing down on the corner where the camera is the glass on the lens came loose. If I took the case off the lens would just fall out.

The Light:
Now in the description on the website they claim this is even light distributed, this is a load of crap. The light was way brighter by the connectors. Unfortunately you can't see that from any of the photos of videos. In person you can clearly see one side is clearly brighter than the other. I tried taking a photo but it always looked much brighter in the photos so I couldn't get a accurate pic.

The Tools:
I really hope you have your own tools, because the tools that come with this kit look like they came from a dollar store in Kazakhstan. The screwdrivers teeth got stripped while tightening the screws and I had to buy REAL tools to take the damn case off again.

Now some people have claimed that wiring has cause their phones to short circuit and whatnot but I haven't experienced any of that in the 15 minutes of use.

So if you haven't figured it out by now, save your money until something better comes along (if that day ever comes. So if any of you were considering buying this "cool mod" I hope this helped some of you.


Jul 21, 2007
I actually bought won and chickened out on the install after reading all the horror stories. Sold it on eBay but not without warning the potential buyers first. iFixIt actaully bought it. At least I got my money back. :)