C Spire Now Selling iPhone 4S for $149 With 2-Year Contract



Is $199 too much for an iPhone? C Spire is now selling the iPhone 4S for only $149.99 – a $50 decrease from their original pricing. Getting with C Spire does come with a major prerequisite: living in a certain location, but if you’re good with that then getting an iPhone 4S for only $149.99 with a two year contract is going to be simple. The 32GB and 64GB iPhone 4S models also have $50 deducted from their prices ($249.99 and $349.99 respectively).

C Spire has a CDMA cellular network that utilizes EV-DO 3G just like Verizon and Sprint do with their iPhone 4S. This means if you go out of range of C Spire's network, you'll pick up roaming from Verizon or Sprint. Citing C Spire's Web site, the company offers an unlimited everything plan for $100 per month including messaging, data, and phone calls.

While the $149.99 iPhone 4S may seem like a good deal, the contract still locks you in for two years and makes you pay much more than meets the eye. What's more is C Spire has some very good monthly pricing options that really compete with the big guys, but it is a Southeast regional carrier near the Mississippi area with spotty coverage too far from there.

If you can get in the range of C Spire’s network, then their pricing may be worth a new iPhone 4S with the discounted price. C Spire's existence is very little-known, but I've heard nothing but compliments about their service, coverage, and speed.

Tattooed Alex

Oct 24, 2010
Denver, CO
C Spire should pay you for this little infomercial. As long as their coverage meets your needs $149 is a great price. The only other thing to consider is if the other carrier's coverage is better.