Can anybody tell me how to recover deleted notes without backup?


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Sep 17, 2017
I accidentally deleted some important notes, i know that deleted notes will be saved in "Recently Deleted" folder if iPhone is associated with iCloud. But I don't remember that I have backed up my iPhone with iCloud. Are they really not recoverable? I heard that ************ can recover them. But I want to recover without installing a third-party tool, anybody can help me?
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Kevin Barnes

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Jul 23, 2019
the only methods that I know are below.
1. from the recently deleted folder
2. from iTunes backups
3. From iCloud backups
4. from third-party iOS data recovery software

But you did not back up. so first 3 methods are useless. The last one is the only option. But you don't like to do that also. I guess it will unrecoverable at this rate.