Can the dock connector be used?...


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Jul 2, 2007
While my kids have been part of the iPod world, I'm new to it since I got my iPhone opening weekend. Glad to finally be aboard.

I'm wondering of anyone knows how "usable" the dock connector is. Obviously, Apple uses it. But so do other manufacturers - and it does seem like all of them are "licensed".

I use a Griffin iTrip FM modulator to connect the iPhone to my wife's car radio - the iPhone even powers the iTrip. I know the video iPod also has video-out capabilities through the dock port. Input is obviously possible because that's how everyone has been syncing since the iPod was launched years ago. Just a few examples.

I know Apple keeps tight control on the abilities of the dock. It sounds like they "turned on" more external audio devices with the first firmware release and I've read that the ability to do video-out (like the video iPod) is possible but currently not enabled (again, kust a couple examples). Obviously the iPhone has a lot more "potential" than the prior iPods (it's not like iPods have needed a keyboard or GPS), but I'm wondering if anyone who understands the hardware know if things like maybe external keyboards or even a GPS receiver might be possible (from a technology/dock perspective - put aside Apple's licensing)?