Can you replace the digitizer screen only on an iPhone 4?


Oct 16, 2009
Poconos, NJ, NYC
My bro bought a new case, just as he was about to put on the new case he decided to go into the garage and get something first...on his way into the garage he dropped his iPhone 4 and cracked the screen.

I told him just buy a digitizer screen off ebay...i bought an LCD for my 3GS and it was easy as pie to replace. After he ordered the digitizer screen today we watched some YouTube videos on how to replace the screen and now a little scared to try to do it ourselves AND the fact that all videos were putting on new LCD/Digitizer combos. I googled and read that you can't separate the LCD from the digitizer to use with the new digitizer?

Is this true? Is my bro better off just going to Apple and paying the $150 people are saying it costs to get a replacement? The guy on ebay has a 30 day return policy so its no big deal to send it back.