Can you upgrade manually if you downgraded manually?


Oct 16, 2009
Poconos, NJ, NYC
I've had an old iPhone 4 in my bedroom for years that I use as a sleep machine. Was upgraded to iOS 7 when it came out and it made the phone lag. Bored the other day I checked to see if you could downgrade it. Found an article on how to downgrade using iFaith to 6.1.3. Tried it, but the only SHSH blob available was 4.x or 5.x. Was surprised/forgot that it still had that backed up from all those years ago when I JB'd the phone. So i downgraded to iOS 5.x

I'd like to upgrade it to 6.1.3 but before just going ahead and doing it I just thought I'd ask first if that's possible? Can you manually upgrade the firmware if you used somethign like iFaith to manually downgrade? I just don't want to screw things up and brick it. I would assume I could just download 6.1.3 firmware and do a Shift, Restore on it?