Can't edit iPhone recordings on 8GB RAM computer.


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Sep 23, 2020
Don't know whether this is right place to post up my problem here.
Here's my problem, I record 8 video clips with y iPhone 7 in space saving mode. And then I sent it to my windows 10 computer. It has memory of 8GB. I intent to make some simple edits with Premiere Pro. However, once I import it to the app, it start to meet a/v out of sync problem. I have no problem to play it on VLC media player... So I retired with Davinci resolve, and it displays only sound. I made some search and find it might work to convert the HEVC to H.264, and I have tried Handbrake and FFmpeg mentioned in this Weird thing happens, the video become very large... A 3 minute segments now takes 300mbs. Did I make any mistake, or shouldn't I convert to H.264?