Cases that still fit in side belt cases or horivontal holsters?


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Sep 17, 2009
Montgomery, AL
As I've mention in a few of my 3 total post (now 4), I don't have an iPhone yet but plan to get on next month (a 3Gs).

I have been patrolling the internet to get an idea of the different types of cases available to see what I may like. I have never really put my cell phones in cases before because I don't like the added bulk but, I've read the the iPhones tend to be a little more fragile then most phones and that case are recommended. I also like to wear my phones on my belt in a holster or side case. I have always preferred leather side cases (or horizontal holsters as I like to call them) for this.

Here's my question. What type of cases are out there that can still fit into side cases or holsters? I haven't come across to many. The OtterBox Defender comes with a holster but looks like it is a vertical one. Also, that case looks like a bit of an overkill for me (although I like the port covers because of the water damage indicators placement).

Another option I guess would be to by a leather side case made to fit a larger phone that the iPhone with a case would slide into.

So, main question: Any recommendations for a case that will fit into a leather side case or, a larger phones leather side case that may work?

Any suggestions?

(sorry for the length, went off on a little tangent)