Charging issues with iPhone 4


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Oct 10, 2011
The past few days my iPhone 4 AT&T has been acting up and having charging issues. Each day it has taken longer and longer to fully charge and today it has decided to actually lose battery to the point of death while on the wall charger or USB-laptop charger. I'm unsure what may have caused this to happen but have found no successful means of recharging it thus far. No options provided by a google search have helped and i'm on the verge of just buying the iPhone 4s if nothing happens by the end of the week. Any help would be much appreciated. Any time i plug my phone in, the empty battery symbol with "charging" lightning symbol underneath appears but no charge holds. Also when i initially plug my phone into my laptop it turns it on for a split second before shutting off again and the battery screen pops up again.


Dec 15, 2007
Louisville, Ky.
You can try restoring as new, but I don't think it will help. Sounds like the battery is shot. I would still sell it on eBay. You'd be surprised what damaged phones bring.

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