Charging your iPhone 4


Jun 5, 2007
The majority of the time I let the battery of my iPhone 4 either run down completely or to a max of 10%, then charge it to 100%. My phone is only a couple months old but I use it a lot. For the past week I've had to charge it only once a day. Tonight after it read 92% I noticed it got very slow. I didn't time it but it seemed to take forever to get from 92% to 97%. There it stayed for another long time. Usually while the phone is charging I'm using it -- on the Internet or watching Netflix, for example. That doesn't slow the charge time at all -- sometimes I'm amazed at how quickly it charges. Tonight when it seemed to have frozen at 97% I decided to watch Dexter hoping it would take my mind off my quirky phone. Lo and behold after a few minutes it read 100%.

This doesn't make any sense to me but do IP batteries charge faster if they're being used during the charge?
This has to do with the way lithium ion batteries can be charged. They can handle being fast-charged up to about 80-90% but then the charger has to trickle charge the rest of the battery so it doesn't overcharge. Lithium ion batteries can handle a lot of power being dumped into them at once, but it's very bad to overcharge them.


Sep 4, 2010
Northern California
. Correction it's s 5thGen iPod ...didn't want to look like a complete fool. Btw @ 19% 6.5 hr usage w a 1/2 hr face time today. I think talking and FaceTime burn battery. I mainly use inter wifi n get 7.5 hr
I haven't kept track of how various activities burn battery time; I just happened to notice a couple days ago how the percentages were registering. This may have happened before, I can't say. Anyway, yesterday I drained the battery completely before the charge and watched Netflix while charging. There were no strange freezes and it took about an hour and a half to charge completely. Same today.

BTW, before I got my first iPhone last May I had never had anything Apple and I'm still not sure what an iPod even is!