Cheap Solution for Battery Life Concerns


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Jun 30, 2007
I've recently noticed a lot of people talking about the iPhones battery life and apparently its not enough to last people the time period they want. Heres a cheap solution I found out about back when I had my Cingular 8125 and Cingular 8525.

Basically the devices powers anything thats USB powered by sticking the USB cable into it to you device off of 4x AA batteries. Its small, about the size of a video iPod but thicker. (Fits into pocket very comfortably actually, but I doubt you wanna carry both in your pocket, so you can put in a briefcase of backpack or whatever) Its nice for long plane rides or long road trips of whatever the case maybe. In testing I'm able to get about 6 charges with Duracell batteries (opposed to the 5 on the site), but since I only use it when I'm about to go dead or when I really need juice I don't normally charge it up, I just plug it in and it works like a wall adapter so I can have the power I need to do whatever tasks and then unplug it, that way I get about a month or two use out of the four batteries. I highly recommend this solution. For my old phones, it was much cheaper than extended batteries, doesn't give the phone that ugly look and not a hassle to deal with. And it works with any USB powered device!

I've had it quite a while and it was worth every penny to me. On those trips I always have it there to give my iPod, Cell Phone and other gadgets juice.

I hope I didn't take anyones time, I posted this kind of thread on my old XDA developers site for people who had the HTC hermes aka Cingular 8525 and the wizard aka 8125 and it helped a lot of people. Seeing how the battery isn't per-say "user replaceable" there are limited options to getting the battery power you need.

I hope this thread helped you guys. And sorry if something along the lines has been posted already, I just wanted to share my expirience with this thing with others.


Jun 29, 2007
here's another alternative I've been using for cell phones and other items for some time. Its a nice unit and ahve seen it on eBay for $14-19. Its an AC and USB charger and itself is AC recharged.

I just don't understand all the complaints about not having replaceable battery for iPhone. There are so many simple solutioins.

Honestly haven't used it with iPhone yet but a friend tried it with his iPod and it worked fine.