Comic-Con 2007!


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Jul 10, 2007
Did anybody happen to go, or is anybody going to be going?
My dad & I bought 4 day tickets, but we didn't go yesterday, and we're not going Sunday, we went today [Friday] and it was really fun.
Got to see Kevin Smith [love him, I grew up in Jersey, so ...] I had a great time.

I saw 2 people with an iPhone, but didn't talk to any of them. & about three-four people came up to me and asked me "is that an iPhone?!"

Martin Klebba [the little guy on Pirates of the Carribean (Marty)] & Lee Arenberg [the groggy looking guy (Pintel)] were doing autographs, I got it signed by both of them, took a picture with my iPhone, and they both seemed interested. Hah ..

I had a great time. Seeing Kevin Smith definitely made my year. Lol. That man is so funny.