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Jun 30, 2007
Hi iPhone owners,
Has anyone here experienced the Nokia N95? I'm wondering how the iPhone compares with it... I read someone's post on this forum that said that although other phones have the same capabilities as the iPhone, the iPhone is way beyond those others. Could someone articulate this? I'd love to hear from someone who has used both.


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Jun 13, 2007
Personally I'd still rather have an N95, but it's not gonna turn heads like the iPhone. The whole thing about making a smartphone appeal to the trendy crowd that's happening in the US with the iPhone, the N95 already has this under way in Europe.

I think size wise they're pretty similar, the N95 will be smaller in terms of height and width (also having a smaller screen) but is thicker and a little lighter I think. Apart from that it pretty much does everything an iPhone does minus the touch screen. It can browse the proper internet, play music and videos, connect via Wifi and use the downloadable version of Google Maps, albeit, without quite so much grace. It also has a 5mp camera over the iPhone's 2mp though to me anything over 2mp is useless since I just reduce the size so it'll fit on my monitor screen. But I don't know what the iPhones camera quality is like but the N95's quality is cracking, far better than any phone I've used.

Unlike the iPhone the N95 can also connect to 3G networks and download from a vast library of homebrew software using the Symbian 60 version 3.1 interface ( for example). It also has GPS though I haven't tried it myself and my mates who own the phone say it's quite slow at first when determining your position but very accurate when it gets there. I doubt it can talk to Google Maps though, but it has it's own built in software and I don't know how capable it is.

It depends what you're after, for features then the N95 wins hands down but for style the iPhone wins. Personally I'm very shallow and as soon as they put 3G on the iPhone I'll probably have that, being stupid as I am. I know the novelty will probably wear off though, that's why I won't go for anything more than a one year contract.

Just checking, I don't actually think the N95 has the memory size of the iPhone. I heard it's only expandable up to 2gigs but I heard elsewhere it can go beyond 4gigs.


That should help, but ignore that HTC Touch, it's pants.


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Jul 7, 2007
You so outdated with the iPhone.
N95 have so many others features, I cant even recall all of them here. Just a bunch missed:

1. N95 has 3.5G which is called HSDPA. Allow you to browse at more than 3 Mbits speed

2. N95 have build in DVD-like video recorder, which is recording videos like your camcorder at 640x480 30 fps.

3. N95 have build in A-GPS. Which is allow you to use many third party GPS softwares.

4. N95 have build in 3D gfx chip (up to 2m of polygons per sec) and build in DSP audio processor.

5. It have thousands of applications and games. Huge third party support around the globe.

6. It support up to 32GB MicroSD memory cards (only 8GB is avaliable atm).

7. You may watch YouTube on it or use MSN,ICQ,AIM,Skype,etc etc

iPhone is just a fancy phone. Nothing special about it. One year and it will be not interesting ;) Of course Apple is going to suck all of your money by slowly adding missing features, such as better cameras, gps, 3g, etc :) So prepare!