contacts with Mac


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Jul 14, 2007
so i have a simple question.

(I use Powerbook + iPhone)...

When you add a new contact to your phone, you cannot choose what category to put it in.... THEREFORE, unless you sync ALL contacts, you won't get the new contact on your computer.

So currently, I have 3 categories, that's it, syncing. I want new contacts to be in 1 of the 3 on my MAC but i can't sync them over becacuse they aren't in any category...

What's the deal?


Jul 16, 2007
i haven't experienced this at all. when i add a new contact on my iPhone, i make sure the group i want it to go into (i sync all of my groups from Address Book) is the one i am viewing, and then choose the plus button to add a new contact. when it syncs with my mac, the new contact is now in the right group.

if you don't have a group selected on your iPhone (when you are viewing the All Contacts group) when you add a new contact, this contact should be visible on your mac after syncing under the All group in Address Book.

if you're not going to sync all of your Address Book groups to your iPhone, you may at least want to create an iPhone group specifically to be the catch-all for contacts you create on your iPhone, then you can re-assign them to the correct category on your mac when you sync...


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Jul 24, 2007
So let me ask how to deal with a related but subtley different problem.

I created a group on my MacBook Pro's Address Book called "iPhone"
But before i undestood my iPhone, i entered a group of new contacts onto the phone. Apparently if the "iPhone" group ( it is the only group i have on the phone) is not selected, the new contacts will be put into "ALL CONTACTS." This is what happened to me

Now here is what i don't understand. When i sync'ed All of the contacts on my iPhone went into the Mac's address book, however those entered outside of the "iPhone" group on the iPhone simply went into the general population of the address book. I tested one and found that indeed the sync integrity i updated the contact in the address book and even though it is not in the "iPhone" group on the mac - it updated the the contact on my phone.

So my questions are:
1. How do i understand syncing priorities? See i have only created an iPhone group but if some entries are entered outside of that on the iPhone it still continues to sync those entries even though they will not appear in the iPhone group on the mac and eventhough that is the only group i have told the iPhone to sync.

2. Is there some way to filter and find these "rogue" contacts if you have a massive address book like mine. See on my iPhone i can't visually compare the group "iPhone" to "all" - its just toooooo big. i can try to remember and search on the mac but invariably this wont work well. So is there a way to identify and find this group of contacts that the iPhone is syncing with ( the contacts outside of the "iPhone" group on the iPhone)...afterall the iPhone identifies them apart from all of the other contacts in the address book and it continues to sync just those even if they are outside of my "iPhone" group on the mac