Cool iShare trick: Portable iBrickr / WinSCP


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Aug 6, 2007
Heres a neat trick for carrying around iBrickr with you on your iPhone. When you get to a computer that doesn't have it installed, just dock your phone and let it detect the camera, once it does just browse to _ibrickr.jpg and copy it to your desktop. Rename the file extension from .jpg to .zip so you can unzip and launch iBrickr so now the computer can fully interface with the iPhone.

Now here comes the cool part, you can download these renamed files directly to your iPhone by using iShare. Simply add the six digit codes below to the download url in iShare and then save the file to your Camera Roll Folder and you're all set!

Download Codes

iBrickr (4.7mb): 9nyd7f

WinSCP (1mb): 0pb7cc

Camera Roll folder location


File Extensions

If you can't see .jpg when it comes time to rename the file, open a folder in explorer and goto Tools>Folder Options... Click the View tab and un-check "Hide file extensions of known file types"


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Jun 3, 2008
Hey, great stuff,
I can't seem to download that the iBrickr file from sendspace... so I tried putting ibrickr as a jpg in the camera roll manually, that worked but then when on another computer and trying to change it back to zip it says nothing is in the zip file..
what am I doing wrong?