MacBook Air Couldn't make up my mind

Al Vila

Sep 13, 2010
So here goes my journey, about 2 weeks ago I sold my macbook pro, early edition , had duo core processors I upgrade to 8GB of memory, I went to Apple store excited about getting Macbook Air 13" I5 , I was like wow, I got home played around with it a bit, loved the speed, then it hit! I don't think i have enough memory, i need my disk drive, and so on, went to work brought it with me, I couldn't stop thinking about my macbook pro and did right by me never no problems, so I panic, went to Apple store returned the macbook air got a macbook pro I7 instead, this is the silly part of this, i couldn't get my mind off this Macbook air, i had my new macbook pro for a couple of days, then I said hell with it ,I like d the way the macbook air felt it was light, Clear screen, fast, crisp. I went back today to Apple store returned my macbook pro got and I7 1.8ghz macbook air, and it feels right now, I must say the guy at the store looked at me like I was crazy, he is probably right, This is a great piece of machine, and I do love my toys. I thought I share this story with you guys.....


Senior Moderator
Dec 12, 2008
Good choice. If I was going to buy one today, I'd go with the MacBook Air since I rarely use discs in my computers anymore and portability is important to me. I tested them at Best Buy a few weeks ago and they're really nice. You could always get a SuperDrive to go along with it.


May 17, 2011
Houston, Texas
Well I have a MBP from last year and a MBA from 2weeks ago and find myself using the air daily now. It is so portable and just stays in the living room while the pro stays in the computer room. I find the air faster for daily use, but prefer my docked pro for media and my iTunes library. I'm working on getting a new router to network a large hard drive for the time machine backups and iTunes library. I think you picked the right one!