Data Plan/iPhone Switch


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May 11, 2011
I'll try to explain this situation as best and brief as I can. Any insight is appreciated.

My girlfriend just broke her droid smartphone tonight. Fell, screen shattered.

She is on a plan with her family. She's finally convinced that the iPhone is the phone she wants now but is not due for an upgrade until a little over a year from now, however, her mother is.

To the best of my knowledge... I do believe it's possible for her mother to get the iPhone, and give it to my girlfriend for her to activate so it could be under her phone number and her mother would continue to use her old phone she's using now. Right?

Also, if that did stand to be the case, if her mom were to purchase the iPhone online she would have to buy a data plan as well with it. But if she gives the iPhone to my girlfriend would she then be stuck with a data plan for a non-smart phone?

Thank you in advance!


Oct 16, 2008
The Great State of WV.
Who is the carrier?

The iPhone does require a data plan. Our family plan is on AT&T. We can trade an upgrade on any member of that plan. They'll require a new 2-year agreement. If this is your scenario, you girlfriend will use her Mom's upgrade and the data plan will be on her number. Her mom won't be eligible for an upgrade till you girl friend's number is eligible.


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