Deleted albums/songs still show up in the iPod player on my iPhone?

Tobias Walton

New Member
Jul 23, 2011
Charlotte, North Carolina
hey board,

I recenty used transcopy to delete some albums off my iPhone as well as add some. everything appeared to work fine. the new albums are loaded and play fine, however the old albums I deleted still show in the playlist. if you try to play one of the songs the ipod app closes it out and returns you to the previous screen. When I resync to transcopy theres no sign of these albums and no gaps in the position numbers of the songs.

now my hutch tells me theres probably a db or plist file that transcopy didn't edit that tells the player that those albums are still physically on the phone. does anything know if this is the case? or is anyone aware of a way to rebuild the db WITHOUT having to use iTunes?

any help would be great....thanks for your time.


Mar 29, 2009
Phoenix, AZ
Tobias, it sounds like you're on to something when you mention a db or plist. It also sounds like the developers of Transcopy aren't keeping the app up to date with the latest iOS firmware releases since they've obviously missed something. May I ask is there a reason you just don't use iTunes? If you just vehemently dislike it, I would have to recommend something like SharePod. It's a fantastic app and I haven't encountered those issues as I use it for others when they need to get music off their iPods and iPhones they obtained elsewhere.