DLO Static Surface Shields


Aug 2, 2007
I just picked this up today at Best Buy. It's a pack of 5 Static cling, anti-glare screen covers. I believe there is both V1 and 3G versions
I cleaned my screen and removed one from the pack.
It has a little number 1 on it and it's in a clear plastic sleeve. I used the #1 tab to pull it from the sleeve, and then holding the edges, I peeled the cover away.
I had a roll of tape next to me in case I needed to peel up and readjust. I It went on very easy and I only had to readjust once. You cannot see the edges of the glass at all. it is a perfect fit, exactly the size of the glass.

The only negative thing I found was that when i put my phone back in my slider case, there are a couple spots where the case is right against the phone and all the way to the glass, and it was putting pressure on the screen protector, causing bubbles. I am going to shave the inside of the case edge to get it to fit correctly.
If you have a naked phone and just want a screen cover, this is a great deal at 14.99 for 5.
I'll try to get pics soon.
here is their web address: