do i have to wait?


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Apr 18, 2007
hi i live in Australia and can not wait until next year for the iPhone, so i am planning to buy it from america in june. i was just wondering would i have to go with cingular or could i go through aussie providers, would my sim work, even just plugging it into the powerpoint! if u could help that would be great cause im not good with this sorta stuff:laugh2: Thanks


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Apr 19, 2007
bloody hell! umm the US is sounding really good right now.....:cool:
I am from Singapore and i've done some "homework" on this issue :p

iPhone 8GB - $600
Cingular termination fees - $175
Shipping + insurance - $150 (approx.)
Unlock fees - $50 (approx.)

So, if you can't wait till next year like me, you may consider waiting till someone smart in the US found a way to unlock the phone to work with other GSM networks in the US, then get someone to buy one for you, terminate the contract, unlock it, and ship it to you...for about $1000 usd. By the time someone manages to unlock it, hopefully Apple has done all the necessary software (and possibly hardware) upgrades, and we'll get a "stable release" hehe