Do you use a case?

Do you use a case for you iphone?

  • Yes

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  • No im naked!

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Jul 13, 2007
I had been using a nice clear plastic case I got at the Apple store. I don't recall the brand but it wasn't the Belkin case everyone is complaining about.

I also got a slip case because sometimes I prefer that. The plastic case adds a LOT of bulk.

Yesterday my Best Skins ever arrived, and I put that on. Works very nicely. I'll probably be using that with the slip case.


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Jun 21, 2007
Napa, CA
I'm running a black silicone skin case that I bought on ebay before the phone ever came out (I wanted to make sure I protected it the minute it came out of the box!) and it adds NO bulk to the phone. I bought the screen protector from the Apple store on iDay and put that on without ever touching the screen. I have a special pocket in my purse that I keep my phone in (I"m just not comfortable with it in my pocket) so it's protected like that as well.

I'm just afraid of dropping it or scratching it, so I can't imagine going naked. (well, that and my level of personal modesty)


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Jul 19, 2007
San Diego, CA
I'm using the iQase side.

My wife will be using the Prima Flip once we get it next week.

Both phones have the iQase Film.

I am debating switching to the inCase Silcone cover or the iQase equivalent. I have kept all of my previous phones in my pocket. With the side belt case I open the magnetic flap (which may be bad for electronics), push the iPhone up from the bottom hole in the case and then pull it out. 2 handed operation and I am paranoid about fumbling it trying to get in or out of the case.

I think I just convinced myself to switch!


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Jul 20, 2007
I use a case when not at home. The second day I had the phone, it was in it's Speck rubber case. I walked outside with it on my belt and clipped into the holder. Well, my arm hit the phone just right, and it popped out of the clip and landed on the sidewalk face up. That is about a three feet drop onto concrete and not a scratch. This convinced me to never leave home without a jimmy on my phone.