Edge seems slower some does than others and i have same amount of signal?


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Jun 30, 2007
1st of all in the title of the post it is supposed to say DAYS not DOES...lol.....anyways...i live in the middle of nowhere so its really hard to get signal at my house for edge but i have an area in my house where i usually get 2-4 bars and edge seems pretty good speed. but starting last night and into today it seems really slow like i cant get past __ that amount of loading on a page and i get frustrated and just give up. maybe i should wait longer but it seems so slow and i have 2-4 bars like usual! i don't understand. can edge be fast with 2 bars sometimes and slow w/ 2 bars sometimes? i noticed that when i am in town and have 2-4 bars edge seems faster than at my house with 2-4 bars but i have not tried it within the last day so i hope nothing is wrong with edge for me :( google is fast but other pages are soo slow. any ideas? thanks