Email is being a ***** ever since the update


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Jul 1, 2007
4smartphone won't work either

I was using the imap server from 4smartphone. I was working OK until the update. Now I cannot access my email via the server.

You know, I really like the device, form factor, and OS, but this email unpredictablity is really becoming very difficult to deal with.

I took my treo out again and used it for a half of a day.... I really miss the beautiful display of the iPhone and the html imbedded emails.

Botttom line... I need something that works with exchange....




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Jul 2, 2007
I AGREE. My iPhone isn't functional anymore. Meanwhile i wait for Apple's support return call. And here lies the problem, everyone was chomping at the bit for an update with new features. I would much much rather Apple just did the work correctly and not introduce regressions in the product. This first update is a disaster - if they keep this up i know where the future of the iPhone will be - in my bin! Short cuts are NOT the answer. I expect good engineering out of Apple with good quality assurance.

Don't get me wrong - get product. But here is the formulaic problem:

Great Product + Buggy updates = Lousy Product.

OK Today i got my call back from iPhone support. Here is the deal they told me there were two issues people have had with email that worked that no longer works after the update.

The first issue solved the problem, the second i got a high level description.

Issue #1: Apple added an IMAP PATH variable that by default is set to "/". The Apple 2nd level support guy wasn't sure what it was set to before and believed that it tried a couple of different alternative like Apple tries with different port numbers. Well in my case i had to change the PATH variable to "IMAP/" and then it instantly worked.

My product works again and i'm very happy that not only did i get the phone call back but that Apple was genuinely interested in solving the problem and understand what my problem was to begin with. They recognized me as being technology savvy so they were quite sure that it wasn't user error and was something about their patch that screwed up my iPhone. That was refreshing!

Issue #2: It seems that if you are internal to a network and your email works and when you leave network it no longer works, well there is somethings you need to do. I didn't get more detail than that.

I hope this data helps others!

Again a happy iPhone user.


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Jul 13, 2007
john @ Apple Glendale says..

is it just me.. Everytime I go into a Apple store john or jane or who ever helps me.. Just gives the run around .

In the ultimate stupid act of not knowing nothing, the clerk said " its yahoo, go on the web.. Its not Apples problem.."

What what what..

The fact that I can not depend 100% send mail is not Apples problem? What's next.. What will they say? I am going in again and asking another clerk.

Send mail with yahoo account is still same issue, its not consistent and I still have to go into my sent folder and hit the check button. My sidekick is still better.. To bad I'm still loving this iPhone.

Please Apple fix this mess, its so lame