For iPhone skeptics


New Member
Jun 1, 2007
Many people are questioning whether this world is ready for technology as advanced as that of the iPhone. Here's my answer for you: Of course we're ready! The technology has already been applied to hundreds of different types of technology. Now, we have the best of all of them in one handheld device. But of course, your skeptics are worried about bugs and other small things that could go wrong. Apple is very good at preventing those types of things from happening. I mean, how many bad things have you heard about the iPod?
Apple is known for it's easy-to-use iPod music player. Now they're taking the most advanced mobile technology, and making it easy to use (where other companies have failed)! Sure, there are other phones with music players and WiFi and Picture storage and what-not. But you have a bazillion buttons and menus that make it impossible to navigate while you're on the go. And let's face it, no one wants to sit and mess with all those buttons and menus--even if you're not on the go.
I propose that we all put skepticism aside, and give Apple a chance. I think they've deserved it. And I think Apple is going to be the new leader in mobile technology. This phone is truly revolutionary. And I can't WAIT to get one. :laugh2: