Google latest user scale: Google + 100 million Chrome 200 million


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Apr 7, 2012
After at the helm of the world's largest Internet company Google for a year, Google CEO Larry Page hand writing an open letter, back over the past one year of development, this paper Outlines the development goals of Google future, and disclose the number of users of Google, Google + 100 million, Chrome 200 million, YouTube 800 million, GMail 350 million.

Same as many other technology companies, Google also ready to release all sorts of its numbers. Larry Page said, Internet E-mail application GMail now has 350 million users, and web browser Chrome "grow fast", and now owns more than 200 million users.

"In 2006, when Google acquisition video site YouTube, we have had a lot of questions." Page says, "today, every month YouTube has more than 800 million users per second, more than 1 hour of video upload content."

When he talked about the development speed of the Android, said "mobile innovation never like so glamorous". He also added, "through the 55 mobile phone manufacturer and more than 300 wireless operators, every day activate cell phone number is 850000 Taiwan."

Page suggests that Google + and personalized search pages will play a major role in the next generation of searching engine. "If we add your personal information page, then search results will be better." Page expected, "today, most of the search results are popular things, so, two strangers sitting in the adjacent position of a coffee bar will get extremely similar search results. However, everyone's expectations are different."

He continued, "Google + help us solve the problem, because it can let Google more understand the relationship between the people and their mutual. A new generation of search technology will be able to help improve our search results."

Since 2011 it is launched, social network Google + already had more than 100 million users. In comparison, the Twitter disclosured in April this year has 140 million active users; And Facebook in December last year said already had 845 million active users.

Looking to the future, page said he hope "Google can become a people loved company." He also said the company will continue to r&d some projects doesn't seem possible to be achieved, such as pilotless automobile and augmented reality glasses, because "compared to less risky projects, they are more likely to achieve the grand goal."

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