GPS Software?


May 16, 2007
I understand the nature of your complaints but you are upset at the iPhone not being what it never claimed to be. A GPS device for one. The limitations of this device, the BT transfer, BT stereo, etc., were published before the device was released so you either didn't read enough about it or ingnored it and bought it anyway so you could gripe about it later. Or maybe you believed all the "rumor mill" blogs that said it was going to be capable of "this and that" with no proof to back it up.

So far as I've seen, it does everything that Apple said it would do. For anything beyond that you really only have two choices. Return it and get something that better suits your needs or just wait and see what future programs and updates bring. It really sounds like you'd be happier with more of a PocketPC device.
My take is that Apple never specifically said which bluetooth profiles would be supported, and the only example shown was a bluetooth headset. Anything else would be wishful thinking... the spec sheet on the iPhone web site only said Bluetooth 2.0 EDR and no profile information at all, so it was unclear what to expect.


New Member
Jul 9, 2007
:)this gps stuff is crazy . i wish it did come with it . for right now im using my 8525 with external gps i. i really need this for work . so i had to add a line with att and get another data package plus the 10 monthly charge for telenav so my bill is way up from what i wanted to spend . bummer i hope they get it together for a future gps solution. but the good news is i love this iPhone and am willing to put up with what Apple is doing for hope of the future gps . so basically i have to bring two phones to work one for the basic stuff that most smartphones do, and the other for utube movies music and great internet . larry ca

Dallas Phil

Jul 4, 2007
Why can't AT&T have the same GPS system that Verizon does? I believe that it is called their Navigator or something like that. I had it on my Verizon phone and it was fantastic. It was an additional monthly charge and you just downloaded the app to your phone. It would pinpoint directly where you were and give you audible voice turn by turn directions. It really wasn't using the GPS in your phone I don't think but was using your cell signal. I really miss this feature. I will add though that the drawback was that you had to be bouncing off a Verizon tower. If you were in roaming or the extended network the GPS function did not work.