Happy and sad iPhone 4


Aug 26, 2011
I was in Virginia in early August. Droped my Driod (sprint) but due to a mixup in their data base they wanted to charge me full price for a three year old phone! So I walk across the street and Vz sold me a iPhone 4. Came out about the same with ETF and new service discount. I love the thing and it works just as well as my IPAD2 (Happy).
So then I know the iPhone 5 is coming soon(Sad). So here is my my plan!
The wife has an old phone on sprint; I want to pull her over to Vz. The plan is get an iPhone 5 give her the iPhone 4 and the world can start spinning again.
Well today her phone would not charge. I tried everything even a spare battery ... nothing. So I had to move up my schedule. Now she is in love with her new white iPhone 4 (Happy & Sad)
Oh well I guess i'll be on the even numbered Apple gadgets schedule (Sad & Happy).
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