Has anybody replaced iPhone because of the battery?


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Jun 29, 2007
Has anyone replaced their iPhone because of poor battery. If so, was there any difference in battery life?


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Jul 2, 2007
Several people on the forums have reported that they had battery problems when they went down to their local Apple store they just swaped iPhones and they were on their way...


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Jul 5, 2007
The first iPhone I got had very short battery life. About 1.5 hours after a full charge. So I took it back, they replaced it at the Apple Store, and that one did a lot better. I could get nearly 2.0 hrs. Still nothing like Steve's claims. So I took the 2nd one back and got a 3rd one. Once again it was better, it would get 2.5 hours.

However this was still unacceptable and very short of the "long life" of any of my other smart phones which get at least 4 hours under the same usage pattern.

So I had two choices. Waste more of my time, do another return, which now I knew was worse than losing at Las Vegas. Or sell it. Fortunately I was able to sell it on eBay before the prices began to collapse. I ended up making $125 more that I paid for it, but when I deduct for time wasted it was a break even deal.

So once again I was reminded that Apple simply cannot be trusted and never buy version 1.0 of any Apple product unless you just want to throw away your money and waste your time.

I will be buying version iPhone 2.0 as I know they will have the bugs worked out and it will be a very nice product.

This was all my fault anyway as I chose to trust Apple even after I bought ver 1.0 of the 15" MacBook Pro when it first came out last year, only to have it overheat, warp the case and display many other issues which basically they could not fix and the machine was useless. I Dumped that one on eBay. Lost a fair amount of money as well. However that too is pretty normal when you buy a mac. Oh well no big deal, it's only money...heh!

Then a few weeks ago I bought the new MacBook Pro with the 2.4 processor and the other upgrades. Now THIS is a really nice laptop that functions the way they said the first one would but did not. I have 4GB of memory and a 7200rpm HD and this is one fast and cool running MBP. I am completely satisfied.

Finally it really doesn't matter anyway as I have lots of other fun 3G phones to use along with BlackBerry's, an HTC Touch, and a Helio Ocean. So lots of reliable entertaining phones, all of which cost far less than six big ones for a beta product.

The bottom line, buyer beware of Apple, they'll put it to you every time. Super Hype and Big Talk, weak product, slow, expensive and an inferior product. Just think, you can't even copy and paste with the iPhone. Such a basic function and Apple could not even make that work. I wonder what they are thinking about in Cupertino? .....HEH!