help- accidently replaced my iTunes library.itl file!


New Member
Aug 31, 2011
Hey guys, well I lost my playlist and was told to remove the iTunes library.itl file, restart iTunes, and replace file....i wasn't paying attention and accidentally "replaced" the original itl file with the new one when copying out of the music file in my documents...Anyway, iTunes now has none of my music or anything......I'm so pissed off at myself...anyway...i have two questions:

1. is there anyway to recover that replaced itl file?
2. if not, how can i transfer all my files back to iTunes? should i delete iTunes, reinstall and plug my phone in? i would assume this would be the same as if i got a new computer correct? is it as simple as that? i'm too scared to plug my iPhone in now in case i loose everything and all my pics etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.