Help, iPhone 4 and 4s freezes..


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Feb 26, 2012
Arroyo Grande, California
Has anybody else experienced similar problems with their iPhone 4 or 4s?
I own both phones, iPhone 4 and IP4s..both are white 16gb...both less than a yr old. Both with the latest iOS installed. the IP4s has already been troubleshooted and replaced by Apple Genius Bar. Replacement phone still does the same thing.
BOTH phones freeze up a lot, seems like its in an infinite loop in the software. I frequently have to do the hard reset on the phone by holding the home+power button until it turns off (speaking about the IP4s).it will free when attempting to do a task such as make a call.....then a lot of the time its i cannot end the call, i have to wait for the other person to hang up. Its getting really the point i bought a new phone (SgS2 i777).
my iPhone 4 doesn't do it as often as the IP4s. Both have all the same apps installed (iPhone 4 has a few more than the IP4s)

NEITHER phone is Jailbroken or has ever been jailbroken....


Aug 2, 2007
I would say that it's possible that a app that is on both phones might be causing the problem, but there are many other factors as well.
First, check to see what app both phones share and was installed around the time that the problem started happening.
Try removing the app and seeing if that clears things up. I installed a battery app, and it started crashing my system to the "safe mode". I have removed the app, but the problem still persists, though not nearly as often. I will probably have to restore to clean it up, but will try a reset first.
The other possibility is if both phones are on the same account and using cloud syncing, that there might be a problem when both phones are trying to update. That's a far reaching guess on my part, but since 2 different models are exhibiting the same issue, then it's possible, if both use the same account.