Help! jailbroken 4s won't launch Safari!


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Jan 21, 2012
OK, so I jailbroke my iPhone 4s and was installing some tweaks. I installed adblock and Safari would not launch anymore. Basically what it would do is I would click on the Safari and it would go to open up and launch and then it would quit and be at the home screen. I uninstalled any and all Safari tweaks that I installed through Cydia and it still will not open! I force quit Safari, no dice. I rebooted it several times and no dice. I tried even reseting all the network connections via Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings, and it is STILL not wanting to launch. Every other app including Cydia is working fine, even my Skyfire browser is fine. So wth is going on?!?! I just tried rebooting it into Safe Mode and Safari works ok in Safe Mode... Idk what would be the culprit


Jun 22, 2009
It is one of the tweaks or cydia apps installed.

I had the same issue after installing Safari Download Manager - uninstalled it and all good.

Start uninstalling one thing at a time and you will find the issue.