HELP w/ iPhone 4 ID

Tracy Cox

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Jul 17, 2012
I think what happened is that I did not update my information for payment with my new credit card and it kicked me out--acted like I was inputing the incorrect password and locked me out. Then, I created a new account/ID/password. I am unable to update my applications b/c it keeps pulling up my old ID asking for my old password (By the way, I was not entering the wrong password but all of a sudden it tells me I am). Is there anyway I can reset everything and use the new ID/password without losing my contacts? OMG, I've been trying to figure this out for a week now and feel very frustrated.

Any help would be appreciated at this point! Thank you in advance. I'm not so skilled on these kind of things.


Jun 10, 2006
Long Island, NY
In order to get all of your old applications back on your iPhone, you'll need to go back to your original ID. You should discard the new Apple ID you created.

This article will detail how to reset your Apple ID password. Essentially, if you set up an alternative email address (most don't), you can reset the password that way. The other way, which I've actually done myself, is to visit the support center for iTunes. If you provide your birth date, last four digits of your credit card, address, they will reset your password.

This should get you back into your account, at which time you should setup an alternate email address in the event it happens again.

You'll then be able to download your apps and updates.

I agree, it's terribly inconvenient. Hope this helps. Thanks for joining eiC!
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