Help w/ syncing from iTunes


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Aug 13, 2007
Hello all,

So naturally i have an iPhone and i just purchased a macbook a couple weeks ago. And i'm trying to sync up with my iPhone. It automatically detected the phone and i proceeded to sync. I was able to sync my contacts with no problem and opened up my address book on the MB and all the contacts were there. The problem comes in when i try to sync music and photos from my iPhone onto the MB...

When i click on photos, there isn't an option to select pictures from "iPhone" to sync over to iPhoto. It's like i can only do the opposite, sync photos from iPhoto onto my iPhone. Does anyone know about this?

In regards to my music/music video & a movie i downloaded from iTunes, the music is on my iPhone, so is there anyway to sync the music from my iPhone to my MB on the iTunes? My music, etc... i'm referring to is in my iTunes on my PC that i have, so what can i do, if anything, to get everything from the iTunes on my PC onto my MB? If anyone has any feedback or solutions, please let me know.




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Aug 4, 2007
You need to burn to dvd or cd and import to macbook or if you know someone with an external hard drive thats the easiest way. I actually have my iTunes folder setup on an external hard drive that I can take from my desktop to my laptop. I have my entire cd collection on my external hard drive so I always have my music and videos every where I go.