How can I re-doewload iTunes Store's music


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Jun 19, 2007
Hi all.

I'm in Korean now, so I didn't know that there was iPhone's software update.
Today, I noticed it, and I tried to update my iPhone.
However, there was a problem which I couldn't know, and my iPhone was reseted.
Therefore, I lost all my songs and contact lists.
Contact lists are fine because I cannot use phone mode in Korea, and I have backup lists in USA.
However, songs are problem.
As you know, I can use iPod mode in here, and I'm using it a lot.
I tried to re-download from iTunes Store, but I had to pay again.
I don't wanna pay my money again, but I wanna get my albums back.

Therefore, how can I re-download my songs from iTunes Store without paying again?

Thanks for your advice.


Jul 16, 2007
you can't download purchased music again without paying for it - see the Apple support article answering this question here.

i have seen one situation where this was allowed - a friend's powerbook's hard drive died while being serviced at an Apple store by Apple geniuses. they'd promised to back-up everything on her hard drive first, but they messed around trying to fix things first before getting to the back-up and she lost everything. the Apple store staff then authorized her to re-download her purchased music again, since they had something of a hand in losing her music. that's the only time i've ever heard of this happening...