How can I sync without losing my songs?


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Jul 17, 2007
Hi folks. I sync my iPhone to my laptop. I travel a lot and I keep all of my songs on an external HD. I have sync'd my iPhone to a specific iTunes playlist that resides on that HD. Now when I travel I try to click off the sync of music so I can just sync my calendar, etc. When I do that iTunes says "OK, but I'm going to wipe out all the music on your iPhone if you do this" (OK. I'm paraphrasing here). I've tested it out and it does indeed knock out 5 megs of songs. How can I get iTunes to let me change my preference from syncing songs when I don't have my external song HD connected? Also, even though I have changed my iTunes directory to be my "R" drive (external HD), when I bring up iTunes it defaults back to my "C" drive because it can't find the "R" drive. How the heck do I get iTunes to just stay with the "R" drive?


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Aug 11, 2007
I'm not sure about this, but mine does the same. If your music is synced, then there's something about it that triggers this action. It doesn't do this when you manually put music on it, which I used to do on my iPod.