How can I transfer text messages to a brand new user?


Feb 16, 2012
I'm having so many issues with my iPhone and was told by dumassBar that I need to set it up as a brand new user. I have so many text messages with pictures that I need to keep. I tried what amember here suggested but after doing so, it wouldn't let me send any picture messages unless I don't transfer the pictue files from the old phone to the new phone. This is what she suggested that didn't work:
"I know you can read them and save them to the computer with DiskAid, but I'm pretty sure you can't replace a saved sms.db file after restoring the phone if the phone is stock. You don't have root access so I don't see how you could. You can, however, if it's jailbroken.

You'll need to jailbreak it, install iFile, save the sms.db, restore to factory settings, jailbreak again, install iFile and then replace the file.

File location:


Apr 4, 2010
Northern NJ
My son backed up his iPhone 4s to iCloud. We then activated an old cheap-0 flip phone on his number for a week while he was at a wrestling camp. Didn't want to risk his iPhone getting stolen. We couldn't re-activate the iPhone without a full reprogramming which means wiping it clean, like a brand new phone. After restoring from iCloud he got all his text messages back. I thought they were gone because every other type of phone I've ever used doesn't restore text messages after a wipe/restore. With Android you can back up text messages to GMail, but there is no provision for restoring them back to the phone. iCloud should get them all back for you on your iPhone. Just do a backup to iCloud right before you make the switch and ensure EVERYthing is set to be backed up.


Aug 1, 2012
You will not be able to transfer the messages to the computer(that are non-iMessage and synchronized with the computer) without Jailbreaking. However, to jailbreak you would have to install a new IPSW file, thus removing everything you are wanting to keep. Your best bet is to back up the phone and then restore the new phone(if it is a iPhone 4 it will have to be a 4 again, 4s with a 4s, so on and so forth) from that back up.