How do I print out all the text msgs on my 3GS?


Feb 6, 2012
I'd like to produce a written record of all the text messages that I have sent/received on my iPhone 3GS, from the beginning of the month (April 1, 2012) until now.

I can see them in various threads, if I go into Messages, of course. But I'd like to somehow transfer all of them, into a text file somehow. Then I can copy that file onto my desktop PC, and print them out from there.

Actually there aren't that many text messages, a dozen or two. I don't do a whole lot of texting. So the resulting file that I'm trying to make, won't be all that big.

My question is, how do I get them from their present state (I can see them) on my iPhone, to a single large text file on my iPhone? Can this be done?