How do you refresh apps?

shaila freeman

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Aug 23, 2012
Reno, Nevada
hi i need someones help?! since the new fb update, ya its fast, no you cant find just anyone or any page from there anymore, but i also have a problem with when an app runs through it like slotomania, i cant clear out from it? When i try to hit cancel it won't. so sometimes i have to turn off my phone because it doesn't say what to do on the onscreen guide? anyone have any ideas on how to refresh apps?


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Sep 6, 2012
01 Delete the original app(s). If the app still exists on your iPhone, but refuses to work properly, delete it by pressing down on it with your finger until all of the apps on your screen begin to shake. When the shaking begins, click the "X" beside the app(s) you want to delete. Click the "Home" button (beneath your screen) to stop the apps from shaking.

02 Tap the "App Store" icon on your Home screen and tap the "Search" tab. In the "Search" field, enter the name of an app you want to restore and click the blue "Search" button.

03 Tap the app when it appears on the list and click the blue price button in the upper right corner of the application download page. When the button turns green, click it a second time to complete the download. Though the App Store will display the price, Apple will not charge you a second time, since you have previously downloaded the application.


Oct 23, 2007
Louisville, KY
Sounds like you need to close the app completely and restart it from scratch. That is the general fix for any app that is not behaving as expected. I have not run into that issue on the Facebook app, personally, although I've never played those slot games.

There are two ways to do this, depending on the situation

One way that works while you're in the app you want to kill: hold the power button until you see the screen that shows up asking you to slide to power off. Let go of the power button, and don't slide to power off. Just hold in the home button until you're kicked back to the home screen. The app you were in will be forced to close, and it will start up fresh next time.

The other: if you're on iOS 4 or later with an iPhone 3GS or newer, you can also close it from the multitasking dock, which may be faster with practice.

From the home screen, or any other app besides the one you want to close, double-click the home button to bring up the multitasking dock. The app you want to close will appear somewhere in that dock (might take some scrolling).

Press and hold on any icon until they start to jiggle, then tap on the small circle with the minus symbol in the upper left corner of the icon to force that app to close. It's the same gesture you use to delete an app from the phone, except instead of a black & white X, it's a red & white minus symbol, and it only closes the app, it doesn't delete anything.

Tap back to the home screen and open Facebook again.