How to be an everythingiCafe contributor

Christopher Meinck

Sep 13, 2008
Starting today, we are offering members the opportunity to contribute to our growing selection of guides on how to use the iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. I'm hoping that with the help of the great and knowledgeable community, we can advance the quantity and quality of this resource. I'm also going to look for ways to better find information, as this could become unruly as we start to add a good amount of content on a regularly basis.

How this works?
Use this form to submit your interest. All that is required is your forum username and a sample of your writing. This does not have to be longer then one paragraph. Our staff will review your paragraph to ensure that you're up to the task. Please note that not everyone is a good match and we anticipate a number of inquiries.

If you are selected, you'll receive a PM along with access to the new Author Forum.

In that forum are topics that are very specific, but are not currently covered on our blog. Contributors can 'claim a topic'.

Can I just send you a PM?
No, please don't. My inbox is consistently full and due to the large number of applicants, it's better if you follow the streamlined process I've put in place.

I've claimed a topic, what now?
Start writing a guide that covers every aspect of that topic. It should be written so that someone who is new to the iPhone or iPad can easily understand. For example, How to sync music to an iPad outlines the steps a user has to take to accomplish this task.

What are the requirements for my article?
Your article was must be well-written and easy to follow. Articles that require a tremendous amount of editing is counterproductive, since it requires editing by either myself or other staff members on eiC. Articles must be 500 words or more.

Do I need images in my article?
Yes. Images, screenshots help create a better looking and more informative article. iPhone screenshots should be no greater than 400px in width/height.

How do I get my article on the big site?
You'll be granted access to our CMS (content management system) where you'll be able to create a draft of your article, which should also include associated images. You are not permitted to publish your article without an editorial review. If you publish an article without consent, your time in the eiC author program will be cut short.

What's in it for me?
If you become a regular contributor (you submit at least one article per week and those articles require very little editing and are published), there is a better than good chance that you will be offered a staff position whereby you would be paid for each article.

Can I get a byline?
Sure thing, but you'll need to change your username here at eiC to your full name.

Have questions? Ask here.
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