How to delete all contacts from iPhone at once


Jun 21, 2010
kristinatroupe said:
Thanks for sharing such a informative post. I am using iPhone 4 till 2 months so that I am not as much aware of its functionality. Now I have a problem to deleting all the contact from my iPhone. So please guide me as soon as possible.
Do you have an original iPhone or an iPhone 4? Since this is in the Original iPhone thread, if you have a 4 it may help if you looked in those threads or started one pertaining to your current problem.

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Jenn Cunningham

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Aug 12, 2011
if you click the info tab in iTunes for your iPhone, uncheck "sync contacts" and it will ask you if you want all of your contacts deleted or left alone.
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Aug 17, 2010
I would like to introduce very simple procedure to delete all contacts once from any iPhone JB or without JB.

1. Go to your outlook or address book delete call contacts once by selecting contrl 'A'. or move all contacts from Outlook to other create folder. Your can take a backup before deleteing contact to keep all your contact in iTunes.
2. Now your Outlook is empty, connect your iPhone with iTunes and sync with Outlook after completing sync you will see your iPhone contacts gone all empty.
3. Now you can move back or select all delete contacts to move back to contact list......... thats enough.
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Oct 20, 2011
the simplest method i found was to do the following...

1) Sign up for a free Yahoo mail account - something like
2) connect iPhone to iTunes and select the 'info' tab
3) under 'contacts' set it to sync with yahoo addressbook (which will be empty) enter your yahoo name and password when prompted, then click sync.
4) iTunes will then copy all your phones current contacts into the new yahoo mail address book
5) log in to the yahoo mail account and you will see all your phones contacts - tick the box and 'delete all'
6) follow steps 2+3 again by connecting and sync'ing within iTunes, only this time it will delete all your contacts in order to reflect what has been done in yahoo mail.

you can then proceed to import a fresh contact list from another scource such as Windows Addressbook or SIM card.

would really be much better if iPhone or iTunes had a simple 'delete all' button, even if it was a pin-locked option like many other handsets.. but hey the above works so no biggie...
its even slightly easier now. All you have to do is up to step 3! then you go to the bottom of the iTunes screen and click "apply". This will bring up a confirmation that says either "merge" the contacts or "replace" them. click replace and you are done!

Mathew Connelly

Jul 13, 2011
If you have synced your iPhone contacts to your email account via Exchange or with the iCloud, then simply go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > iCloud (or your Exchange account) and move the Contacts slider from ON to OFF .

Also, have a look at this for more about deleting all or multiple iPhone contacts.

If you are using Exchange, moving the Contacts slider from ON to OFF will remove all of your iPhone contacts, for iCloud, make sure your select "Delete from my iPhone" and not "Keep on my iPhone"