How to download pictures off your iPhone to the PC (and vice versa)


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Sep 18, 2010
I just thought I'd share this tip with all of you as I had an incredibly frustrating time trying to get photos off my iPhone into the PC and vice versa,

To get photos off your iPhone's camera roll into the PC:
1) Hook up your iPhone to the PC.
2) There should be a Scanner and Camera wizard that appears.
3) Just import those pictures directly into a folder of your choice on the PC.
4) An alternative is to go to Windows Explorer and locate the DCIM folder on the iPhone icon. Then just straight copy the pictures out of the iPhone into a folder of your choice on the PC.
5) Do not use synching in the iTunes Photos tab - it is much too confusing and slow, especially if you are downloading 1000s of photos off the camera roll like myself.

After getting the photos off my iPhone, I wanted to re-upload some specific "favorite" pictures back into the iPhone. This frustrated me for HOURS until I realized that photos synched back to your iPhone do not go into the Camera Roll, they go into the Photo Gallery. So please note that to save yourself frustration.
1) Hook up your iPhone to the PC.
2) Go into iTunes and browse to the iPhone icon
3) Click on the Photos tab and select to Synch to a specific folder on your PC.
4) Make sure that folder has the pictures you want imported into the iPhone.
5) Then just click Synch and the pictures will enter the Photo Gallery on your iPhone.

I hope the above is helpful :)