How to get out of your 2yr phone contract.


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Jan 22, 2007
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I found this on another site and do not want to post the link since it may be competing with this site. Here is the body of the article:

With the June launch date of the iPhone fast approaching, many users are letting their current cell phone contracts determine whether they buy a phone in June or wait.

Phone companies use these contracts to subsidize the cost of the phone at time of purchase, and most companies are very serious about sticking to these contracts. If you change the agreement or get a new or replacement phone during that time, the contract is almost always extended. If you break the contract, you can pay as much as $240.

But the New York Times published a very interesting article on how to get out of your 2-year cell phone contract for anyone who is considering the purchase of an iPhone.

The first way is to find someone who wants to buy your contract. Why would anyone want to buy your contract? Because then they are not locked into a full 2 year contract, only what's remaining in yours. Two resources are and

Companies will terminate a contract if you die. But all except T-Mobile say they want to see a death certificate.

Joining the military can work sometimes, but most carriers will require that you resume the contract when you return.

While the above ideas aren't suitable for everyone, the best solutions we found are the following:

If you move to an area that has no reception, you can get out of your contract. This could also include a job, or travel area that you freguent where you just can't get service. There is an intriguing escape clause in contracts with phone companies that offer 'roaming' services. When a cellphone is used outside the provider's network, calls are routed through another company's network. The consumer pays a monthly fee for this service, which the carrier uses to pay the other phone companies to handle those calls. Roam too much and your company starts losing money. Find a place where your phone goes into roaming mode and make at least half your calls from there. Every carrier said they would cancel the contract, though it might take them a month or two to notice.

The best way is to Text Message! There's a clause in contracts that says if changes adversely affect your rates or service, the consumer has the right to end the contract early without paying a penalty. Many carriers raised the price of Text Messaging features in October without warning. The customer has to be using the service that has changed, so if you haven't learned how to Text Message yet, learn - this may be your ticket to freedom! Just a heads up though, the company may want to see a copy of your contract with that clause.

If you don't want to be on hold talking to automated machines, use Get Human. A list of cellphone company numbers can be found here.


Feb 21, 2007
Sounds like some good advice...

I don't use my phone that much so I am on the pay as you go plan. Hopefully I can keep this plan with the iPhone comes out. :cool:


Mar 8, 2007
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I doubt you'll be able to keep a pay as you go phone plan with this phone. More than likely, you'll be required to have some sort of data plan, and I don't think you can get a data plan with a Go Phone plan.


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Mar 19, 2007
I think I'm the only one happy they chose cingular, because I already have it! LOL I'm buying it for the lulz


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Mar 21, 2007
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lol, I imagine that the new york times got a lot of scrutiny from cell phone companies for posting that article....

The last two do seem like the most plausible, but I'm on nationwide so I don't ever get "Roaming". I also can't imagine cingular raising the base price of their texts anytime soon, moreso now that the article was published.

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Mar 22, 2007
yeah i am one of those who have let their contract expire and have just been paying monthly until the release of the iPhone. I am glad as well since I nearly purchased a new phone and contract before I caught wind that Apple could be releasing a phone. Man patience paid off. I can't wait....oh come on sweet June!