How to keep track of time and billing info?


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Sep 3, 2007
Don't have an iPhone yet but am VERY close to getting one. Right now on my Treo I have a nice little app that keeps track of my time and billing information. I'd like to find something that accomplishes the same task for an iPhone.

Here's a description of what the program needs to do. I'm self-employed as a residential and small businesss computer geek. In a typical day I'll visit three to five different customers. When I arrive on site I punch a couple of buttons and begin logging my time along with entering the customers name and sometimes a note about any parts I might have to bill out later. At the end of the job I click a couple more buttons. My bill is calculated and displayed on screen. If it's a one-time deal I get paid on the spot. If I'll be billing later I just wait til billing time and download the information to my PC and generate my bills in Quickbooks.

As you can see it's a pretty simple application. I don't want a lot of fancy features.

So, anyone know of any program, preferably a native that can do this?


Sep 2, 2007
Austin, Tx
This won't address any of the billing side of things, but for quick / easy tracking and recording of your billable time, you might want to try:
You can create tasks, click them just once to start / stop timer on them, share tasks, run reports etc. It states being Safari compatible and I just gave it a quick whirl on the iPhone and it works OK. Not specially formatted for iPhone or anything, but perfectly useable it seems to me from a brief look.
I haven't used this site in quite a while (like you I used a resident app on my Windows Mobile device) - so I don't know how often it is updated etc.
Hope it may be of some use ...