How to transfer app purchased from iPhone to iTunes

Aniket sharma

New Member
Dec 22, 2012
I downloaded many games on my i want to transfer them to to do that i don't find any option...
Before iTunes 11, when u connect and sync the app,it wd automatically ask for transfering the purchased apps to iTunes, but it don't do that anymore, please help

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Feb 2, 2012
Once you connect phone into computer and see your iPhone in the middle left of screen in iTunes, either right click the pic of your phone or just go to file>transfer purchases.

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Terry M.

Feb 27, 2009
Des Moines, Iowa
I got new laptop for Christmas and I'm trying to move the info on my phone to the new laptop's iTunes. With this new version of iTunes I can't find "transfer purchases" anywhere. Can someone help? I authorized the new laptop and did a backup but the library is still not populated.


New Member
Mar 25, 2013
When you open iTunes 11, at the very top left corner click on the half shaded-half clear square and click 'Show Menu Bar'. Then go click on the 'Files' tab in the menu bar and go down to devices (make sure your ipod, iPhone, etc. is connected) and click 'Transfer purchases from "eg. iPhone". And now your the apps icon will be in your library, and thereforee have all the apps that were in your device. Hope this helps!


Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida
Only transferred my purchased songs of course. Gotta find a way to transfer the songs from my cd's. help?

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So you currently you have songs ripped from your CDs on your iPhone (synced onto your iPhone from your old laptop) and you want to transfer them to your new laptop?

Are your old laptop and new laptop both from Apple? If so, you could easily Airdrop the original music files from the old laptop to the new laptop. I'm going to assume you still have access to your old laptop, and that the music files you wish to transfer still reside on it. Once you've transfered the music files (*.mp3, *.m4a, etc) to the new laptop, then you must IMPORT these into iTunes on your new laptop (this step is crucial), and then perform a simple sync with your iPhone (make sure the music you want to transfer is checked (ticked), whether by Artist, Album, or Playlist. FYI, follow this link to see a detailed explanation of where your music files are located on your HD. You'll get a list of the music files' locations for OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Airdrop is built into OS X. One caveat: Airdrop is only available to Late-2008+ machines, follow this link for the complete list of machines that support it. It's a piece of cake to use. Feel free to ask me if you need guidance with this method.

If your old laptop and new laptop are not both from Apple, then you could give this utility a shot.

I haven't personally used it so I can't provide specific instructions. The "full version" is $30. You can get it free through TrialPay by following this link, though I cannot guarantee that this "free" version will not come without limitations.

Hope this helps!