I cut the cord

I've been using Comcast/Xfinity for TV and Internet for several years now. Just the Double Play. Recently the cost went up a little and the Internet upload speed deteriorated significantly down to only 5.5M which won't handle any of my cloud sync needs. My TV channel lineup was paltry. So, made some changes.

Recently FIOS became available at my location and I got a 100M x 100M Internet only package for $50/month, including all fees and the $10 box rental.

I then did a comparison of all the streaming services to see if any offered most of the TV channels that I watch the most. I was amazed to find that the DirecTV Now "Live a Little" package had everything I currently watch plus a bunch of other stuff that I like! My interactive comparison matrix (in Excel) showed that all the other major streaming services were missing a significant number of channels that I wanted to watch. Of the 27 channels I identified as desirable Hulu ($40) was missing 9, Playstation Vue($40) missing 9, YouTube TV ($40) missing 13 and Sling Orange+Blue ($40) missing 12. Only DirecTV Now ($35) had all 27, and it was cheaper! They also let me add premium Showtime, HBO, Cinemax or Starz for only $5 each if I want. Local CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, IND, MNT and TMO are also included. The cherry on top is that DirecTV Now will give me a free Apple TV 4K ($179) for free if I pay 3 months in advance.

Bottom line: Was paying $120/mo, now it's only $85 and I have a Apple TV 4K.

For those interested in the channel lineup I've attached a file list. The channels I want are in green. If you want a copy of my Excel spreadsheet that lets you select what you want and calculates who offers the most, just drop me a message.


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